Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Supernatural Inspired: Castiel

So in light of the recent season... No spoilers.... I definitely couldn't ignore doing a Castiel set. So here we go. The trench coat a must, I didn't want to do the boring dress pants, button shirt and tie thing, so I kept it with a perfessional look, sleek, simple; since he does wear a navy blue tie all the time I kept the necklaces blue, and added an extra piece of jewelry by putting on wing stud earrings. *winks*


Supernatural Inspired: War

The other awesome horseman has to be War, so keeping with that idea I started with a bright red blouse, with exposed zipper, leather pencil skirt, leather blazer, red pumps and his signature gold band. Oh... Yeah and the gold clutch reminded me of a shield. I figured leather and metal would be a good way to keep with the battle attire.


War by norselily featuring a black blazer

Supernatural Inspired: Death

I love love love this set that I made. My absolute favorite. Keeping everything as close to the original. Square white opal ring, cane, black everything, with a touch of white to symbolize the white horse. Yep. This is awesome. 12,000 dollar outfit though.


Supernatural Inspired: Ash

It's all about the mullet, cut off t-shirts, and shorts. I paired it with military boots, a leather cuff, and some rocking necklaces and rings. Oh and aviators of course!


Supernatural Inspired: Jessica Lee Moore

I love Jess! This is what I think Ms. Moore would be styling.

Jessica Lee Moore

Supernatural Inspired: Sam Winchester

I recently discovered and decided to start with a Supernatural Inspired Set! This is my take on Sam's outfit in The Devil You Know (Season 5 Episode 20)


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Jared Padalecki Has Joined Twitter.

Yep. He has. It's the real Jared. Yesterday Jared announced at NashCon that he has finally joined twitter. 

There was a bit of buzz going around for the last 2 weeks, the twitterverse was tweeting around that Jared was planning on opening account, and people... Went Nuts. ... this was just a rumor. Clif Kosterman, bodyguard for Jared and Jensen has been the Twitter voice for our boys since early in the series. Kosterman went on twitter telling fans to pass along that Jared had no clue about him getting an account. But, apparently it got to Jared's head. Yesterday signing onto my own Twitter people were going nuts passing the word around. Was I a little timid at first to follow? Maybe. Okay, Yes. There's so many JaredPadalecki's JaredP's SamWinchesters SammyWinchesters out there that it'd make your head spin. Jared even said himself that he had some major trouble trying to find a username for himself! Using his *OWN* name! Now that must be frustrating. But he finally found one. @jarpad . "And it's mine!" Seeing it all unfold was quite exciting, and seeing Jared on the Twitter timeline was actually kinda fun. Yeah i had my little gigglesquee fangirl moment, but i have **not** tweeted him yet! I'm not that bad, come on. *winks* So do you think that the padamooses padaminions padafollowers ... or any other ideas for names for us followers you may have, will surpass @MishaCollins minion following of 207,690?  I don't know in a day... the numbers rose quickly! Watch out Misha. At any rate. We welcome Jared to the twitter world! And hopefully the insane #SPN Fandom of rabid insane (but, wonderful) fans won't scare him off.

So, go on twitter follow and be part of the (goes to check follower number) .... 51,690 and counting followers, or padamooses, padafollowers, what have you.
Just remember... BE NICE! He is human. 
-SPNLLYAWESOME @spnllyawesome

OH VIDEO! Jared confirming his Twitter at NashCon with Jensen by his side.